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Vanilla Ice - Dee's Cupcakes

My name is Diane and I first started baking when I joined my son’s school P.T.A. five years ago. We had our very first bake sale. One of the members baked some really lovely cupcakes, and decorated them beautifully, but there was one thing missing TASTE.

 I thought to myself I can do that, so I did. So that evening I raided the kitchen cupboards and set out to bakdee’se the most Delicious cakes ever!. Needless to say my very first attempt at baking cupcakes was not what I was expecting. As I opened the oven I was greeted with beautifully formed golden brown sweet treats. But as I took them from the oven and placed them on the kitchen counter, something strange happen; The cupcakes starting to sag in the middle. It was like watching someone letting the air out of a balloon.

I made one of the most common mistakes of opening the oven too early, and measuring my ingredients accurately. I didn’t give up, and my second attempt came out perfect and I have been baking them ever since. dee’s cupcakes.

I have bake cakes, cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffins for friends and families, for schools bake sales, birthday’s, baby shower’s and engagement parties.

I have discovered a passion within me for baking and love the way homemade cakes taste and make people feel, so much so that I would like to share my cakes with you.